Stay Confident..


Not much work has been done in the area of building confidence in humans in the formative years of life.

Inappropriate evaluation & labelling by significant others; of children as shy, overconfident… leads to unhealthy consequences.

It is time to understand what is confidence and how it can be acquired, most importantly how it is systematically destroyed by negative estimates by significant others.

Confidence is a belief that one can have faith in oneself and one has power over how one responds to situations and take decisive actions leading to desired outcome.

Overconfidence is when your outcome is way lower than expected, there is no corelation or there is negative correlation between belief and ensuing outcome.

Over confidence is well established bias in which a person’s subjective confidence in his/her judgments are greater than objective accuracy.

On the flipside, over confidence is beneficial to self esteem, this gives the individual the will to succeed in their desired goals.

If overconfidence is due to overvaluation of self then one can make corrections along the way, taking feedback and improving in areas of self control, self efficacy, adjusting locus of control, enduring tendency to experience unpleasant emotions..

Studies have shown that people cling to overly positive beliefs about themselves because it helps them to cope and thrive. There are evidence that optimistic beliefs & confidence are correlated with better life outcomes.

Confidence without clarity is bad.

Confidence increases when there is more information to base judgement. Strive for clarity and the confidence that is the result of clarity is excellent.

How to gain clarity?

Clarity is the result of seeking to know and striving to understand the fundamental realities of life.

Let your soul power evaluate your thoughts, feelings and actions. Be firmly established in core principles and current values.

Empower yourself with sharp intellect, ability to discriminate, ability to discern, make accurate judgements, developing insight and achieve self Mastey.

You will pave the way for great Success, Wellbeing and fulfillment.

Dr. Anchal M Dua

Advantages of becoming a Polyglot

Why Learn Languages

The More languages you know, more the ability to experience life deeply

Proficiency in languages is a vital skill that gives you an opportunity to engage with the world in a meaningful way.

Language helps to connect with cultures, deepen understanding that in turn leads to greater tolerance and acceptance of that which is unfamiliar.

When one learns a new language, new neural pathways are developed and that in turn helps in learning even more new languages.
If one wants to improve decision making-when there uncertainty- complexity and high risk consequences, instead of learning the tools for decisions making.
Acquire ability to deliberate in different languages that will help you to distance self from the biases associated with one language.
As we explore new languages, understanding other cultures, other systems of thinking, other alien ideas becomes easy and Resistance one faces will go down..leading to harmonious coexistence ..
My favourite quote..”It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” – Aristotle

Dr. Anchal M Dua


‘India was dubbed as “one of the most depressed countries in the world” by WHO in 2018-2019, yet upto 80% people who suffer from mental health issues don’t get help they need’ – Bangalore Times-The Times of India Newspaper dated 21/6/2020

‘There is stigma related to therapy- A person who seeks therapy is considered weak and mentally unstable’.- TOI

Recent events points to inefficiencies in the way the mind problems are being dealt by medical practitioners

I recommend Knowledge Therapy

Acquiring knowledge is your personal burden, there is no burden of stigma

Not having the wherewithal to manage and direct your mind & emotions towards wellbeing, leads one to a state wherein one finds it difficult to stay within this body.

For the soul to inhabit this body for a life span, there should be necessary AMBIENCE conducive for soul to flourish – that is a healthy body, regulated mind, managed emotions and energy flowing without blockages.

There is information about a lot of things flowing to us through digital platforms that can lead us to a state of flux in the canvas of consciousness.
This is the time to organize data to gain clarity, too much of information without meaningful understanding is extremely life threatening. A person who has a shaper intellect will be confused, disturbed and disillusioned & plans to exit as living within the incompetent structure of mind seems impossible.
Dr. Anchal M Dua


We are largely ignorant, that is, we operate in a state where some possible outcomes are unknown. We are prepared where outcomes can be estimated. There is a mismatch between our training and reality.
When human irrationality factors into all decisions, it hits us most when we are unknowingly ignorant. If we cannot consider all possible outcomes, preventing failure becomes almost impossible.
A rational decision maker should always consider the possibility of ignorance, thus ruling out Primary ignorance but that is a level of rationality very few achieve.

The early enlightened philosopher Spinoza explains the nature of ideas, he says that we have two kinds of ideas- the adequate and the inadequate ideas. The adequate ideas are made by the use of reason through inadequate ideas.
Knowledge creates that desire and thought that finally manifests as reality. The purpose of knowledge is to expand our consciousness, develop self and to realize the life one wants to live.
Knowledge is Power
Information is liberating
Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family.-Kofi Anan.
Ignorance is Disease, Ignorance is poverty, Ignorance is painful-

Anchal Dua


Why does Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther and other great thinkers and speakers always expected respect & love from other races, primarily whites..???

The so called whites have not had it easy, they inherited a piece of this earth just like the blacks or they used their mental, physical and material resources and put effort to establish their dominian on earth.

Nothing came easy, it took courage, valor, strength & sacrifices to establish themselves in state of power..

Why were ancestors of some races not competent enough to establish dominion over land and become the power to reckon with…there was no need to live at the mercy of love and respect from other races. Blacks should go and claim their Glory and become powerful so that all other races would want to be Black..

you made black.. VIctim..

Generate Hyper Ideas

It is very crippling to run short of ideas..

Do you want to experience a marvelous feeling, that the skull is unable to contain the confluence of Ideas.?!
This is a state of consciousness that can be achieved by practicing, revitalizing the brain and directing the energies to various parts of the brain. (Prefrontal cortex).
Each part having unique function can be activated and evoked to your advantage.

Uncertainty is the best time to utilize the areas of the brain that has lost it’s capacity due to underutilization, as most of our problem solving & creative thinking is outsourced.
Time to go back to your brain and harness the unique capacities rather than going by tried and tested methods.
Have your own thinking laboratory ..Speed up processing of data in your brain, check if you are getting the output that is beneficial for you and for others..

You are an amazing creation, find your magnificence ..

Dr. Anchal M Dua


From the level of quantum-all the adverse conditions and supportive conditions of life are created from a certain level of consciousness. Every minute of the day one is thinking about the same problems based on the past reference point. This is because the past experience/impression is stored as belief-neurologically as neural pathways in the brain, that is associated with every impression, experience, and along with the memory there is emotions attached and when you routinely think of the past it leads to the similar state of being in the present moment.
As you are regularly living in the past, the awareness goes to the past memory, wherever the awareness goes energy flows and thereby reinforcing the past conditions.
The energy one could use for healing or creating a pleasant reality is wasted on energizing the problems experienced in the past
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein
The same way you think and feel about a situation will create same type of reality. How one thinks and feels produces a vibration leads to stress and disease in long term.
As there is unlimited possibilities at the level of quantum, one can acquire relevant knowledge, create a new paradigm and take a quantum leap in consciousness leading to new vibrant neural pathways and powerful new thought process leading to new beliefs and new progressive attitude and habits and finally a new reality.


Founder Director ‘isucceed’

Education and Training Academy

Quantum Leap into higher consciousness

Quantum zeno effect
Quantum entanglement
Quantum entanglement

Ability to perceive deeply led me to refute statements of classical physics and evoke the principles of quantum entanglement & quantum zeno effect which states that observer and observed are the two most important factors of reality. Observer has the power to alter the object of observation by attention alone. (Quantum zeno effect).

(Quantum entanglement ) states that the cause of the measurement of one particle determines the effect of the result of the other particle’s measurement. the random outcome of the measurement made on one particle seems to have been transmitted to the other, so that it can make the “right choice” when it too is measured.[These unique characteristics of quantum particles can be used in the field not only in quantum communications but also make Corona virus non virulent. There is scope if well understood in the areas of health, diagnosis & treatment.

Dr. Anchal M Dua


Our generation will be remembered for being lucky to be part of a sudden quantum shift ..As we are in it, it is difficult to be objective about the situation but we are in the process of an upgrade..
We are getting an upgrade in our immunity..
We are becoming more resistant to pathogens, more resilient and more responsible, adapting to new ways of thinking and living. The old paradigms are changing.
Individual & National self reliance is the future
Remote learning, remote collaboration, remote sensing, remote access..
Remote is the future..
Individual systems approach to personal health
Living mindfully and taking in only relevant information to prevent overload of information that may be not authentic…

Points to ponder…..
Dr. Anchal M Dua