10 ways to stay at optimum level of Mental efficiency 

Faster brain ageing is here to stay.  It’s a scary feeling when we realise that we are unable to retrieve information when it is most needed.  We take for granted our ability to recollect, remember, recall information whenever needed without any conscious effort.

The amygdala stores information with emotional impact has a long shelf life, but the mundane one such as ‘switching off lights’, ‘ locking the door’ recalling names’ etc. is stored in the hippocampus which becomes inefficient due to data overload hence we experience ‘hung phenomena’.

1.  Right Attitude: Mental power is no fixed entity. Believe that you can gain brainpower, a positive attitude comes from strong faith in yourself and your capabilities. Your brain ageing depends directly on how you view your life.

2.  Avoid neurotoxic agents: Studies has shown that alcohol increases the excitability of neurons and give a quick flush of energy but the flip side is that it is a neurotoxic agent.  Alcohol detoriates reaction time to visual and auditory stimuli, dulls the senses and make you stupid.  It is most potent toxin among legal psychoactive agents. Prolonged alcohol use can produce memory loss. Avoid toxins from tobacco, psychedelic drugs, prescription drugs.

3. Intake of Antioxidants : Free radicals are harmful to the brain.  Antioxidants are natural substances that is present in vitamin B1, B5, B6, Vit C, Vit E, ginseng, zinc & selenium.Antioxidents act as free radical scavengers consuming the free radicals within the cells.

4. Awareness of SELF : Attention towards SELF , discovering self( body, mind , life force). The 3 major functions of the brain are thinking, feeling & action.  The brain is highly stimulated when you are aware of your thoughts, feelings & actions. The more you are attentive to your actions and events the easier you will feel to recall these events as memories in a future date.

5.  Be calm & practice forgetting : The brain functions most effectively when calm.  When there is negative emotions like jealousy, anger, envy, hate etc. there is increased blood flow to the entire body rather than the brain hence negative emotions obstruct powerful concentration that reduces efficiency.  Practice to consciously forgetting trivia, because they clutter your mind.

6.  Maintain healthy Gastrointestial tract : constipation lowers energy level thereby lowering functioning of Brian.  Stagnant bowels produce lassitude, fatigue, irritability, reStlessness, intolerance & frequent illnesses.

7.  Foods for brain : Omega 3 fatty acids helps to rejuvenate brain cells.  Fish is definely a brain food.  Oats, oatmeal, oat milk are said to strengthen the brain and fortify the nervous system.  Clarified butter(ghee) is credited with correcting mental disturbances caused by energy imbalances, improving memory &  stabilising the intellect. Curd is the best diary product.  Eat dairy product primarily because of its pro-biotic actions in the intestines. Soya products are low in fat and high in amino acids that make up neurotransmitters.  Brain’s fuel is glucose, hence if you go on starvation diet you starve your brain.  Choline is the backbone of a nervous system called acetylcholine (neurotransmitter). The importance of acetylcholine cannot be overstated. The part of your nervous system that runs your heart and keeps your intestines moving along runs largely on acetylcholine. Similarly, any muscle you move requires a signal of acetylcholine to tell it to contract. Foods containing choline are egg, cauliflower, cod, mushroom, spinach, asparagus, cod, sardines, broccoli, beans.  To name a few.  Avoid Lead as lead is the greatest threat to human intelligence. Consuming enough iron and calcium is a good way to reduce lead damage.  Vitamin D discourages lead from building up in the body.

8.  Practice concentration & & flow experience: Concentration can double your brain power, when you split your attention you cut your potential brainpower into half.  Effort to concentrate your brain is stimulated.  When you are totally absorbed in a task with deep concentration & commitment you experience flow state and you cease to be aware of anything outside of what you are doing.  Self conciousness & selfdoubt disappear.  Flow experience is exciting, fulfilling & rewarding.  People are more innovative about problem solving if they feel good.  Feeling good helps to persevere at tasks.  Feeling good is a reward & will induce positive changes in the brain ranging from release of natural opiates to the consumption of more brain-enhancing oxygen & nutrients.

9.  Practice Enthusiasm :  Enthusiasm stimulates brain function.  Vibrancy results from enthusiasm.  Keep the fire of enthusiasm on, you can achieve anything in this world.  Every great achievement is the story of flaming enthusiasm.

10.  Interact with environment & exercise : Take walks, listen to birds and insects, climb mountains, grow a garden, talk to strangers, take risk.. The more you interact with environment the more proficient your brain becomes.  Physical exercise improves blood flow to brain.  Asanas, pranayama & meditation increases mental fitness & restores brain’s bio-chemical ability.

Anchal Dua

‘i’ SELF

‘i’- is based on the memories of ‘i’s’ experiences leading to impressions &  learning based on information.

‘i’ have a unique memory of mySELF in the physical as well as psychological realms shared with no one else in the world.  ‘i’ am a bundle of memories in my Mind and Body.

My memory makes me different from others.  Psychology defines memory as a process in which the information is encoded, stored and retrieved. With experience we can say that memory is not limited in the head  we ha e memory stored in our DNA & thereby all cells.

Memory is continuously evolving based on the input , new permutations and combinations are leading to creativity and innovation and there is hope for unlimited possibilities.

The flip side is that if we are ignorant about the memory drive and keep uploading data and information just because we have easy access to it then there is a fear of ‘hangup’ a term used to describe computer program conflict or system ceases to respond to inputs. This leads to fuzzy recollection to Alzheimer’s .

10 steps to stay at optimum level of mental efficiency by ‘SELF’ for ‘SELF’ follows…


                      Art of Right Thinking

Did you know? You can increase your productivity by thinking Right.

What is the most valuable tool you have with you?

Mind… is the answer…. Mind which create ideas, thoughts, feelings which can be articulated

in the form of words, poetry, paintings, artwork, creative problem solving, make choices based on memory and more.

Thinking is an art, think of THOUGHTZ2WIN as the onetime investment of your time you have made on ‘Self’ that will pay rich dividends by helping you achieve your goals, living life of your dreams and experiencing wellbeing.

10 preliminary steps towards Right Thinking

1. ‘Cogito ergo sum’ ‘I think therefore I am’.  

Become aware that the concept of ‘Self’ is created in the mind. This awareness guides you to the next level of knowing.

2. ‘Mind’ and ‘Self’ are separate.

You are not your mind. It’s your mind and you create your thoughts. Knowing this will make you conscious of what you are doing.

3. Thinking is the activity of mind

If not directed, the mind will subconsciously generate thoughts that of low quality, mostly waste and negative thoughts based on fear.

4. You have a choice to think positive, negative, waste or useless thoughts.

It is empowering to know that you are the thought maker, it’s up to you whether to be on default mode of thinking and allow sub-conscious to generate thoughts based on ignorance or program your mind to generate thoughts that are directed towards excellence.

5. Knowledge about ‘Self’ is of prime importance.

You got to have courage to be on a quest for knowledge about Self. Knowledge about

self is first step towards awakening of self.

6. Prepare a manual that will guide you to increase productivity, be resourceful and a thought champion.

7. Mind on default mode is not your ideal friend.

If you allow mind to function on a default mode, you are preparing to self-destruct.

8. You have a choice

You have a choice, if you decide to harness the great potential of your mind and achieve all your desires, perform all tasks at optimum level of efficiency while experiencing peace and joy. Make that decision for yourself.

9. Without willpower there will be resistance

Lack of willpower will stop you from moving away from comfort zone and

will be unwilling to entertain a novel idea; to install a friendly mind that works for your well-being than against it.

10. You have the Power …believe it.

It’s all about you and you have to make that choice either to live a mediocre life or live a life of abundance.

These steps guide you to take responsibility of yourself and your mind, and not blame external factors for how you feel right now. Anchal Dua