Steps to recognise limiting beliefs & replace it with empowering beliefs

To experience personal & professional excellence we need to create new empowering paradigms such as ..’I am a winner’ ‘I am unique with unique talent and experience’ ‘I am recognising my full potential’ ‘I deserve everything that life has to offer

This self directed journey has 6 simple steps

1.  Recognise what are your limiting beliefs are in these 7 major areas: Happiness, wealth, Health, career, relationships, love, life.  Write it down so that you get clarity about it.  These are your conscious beliefs. Now write down what new goals and empowering beliefs you want to imprint in the subconscious that will propel you to experience wealth, prosperity, vitality, peace, happiness..

The source of these conscious beliefs are the subconscious beliefs.  The subconscious beliefs remain hidden but continues to run in the background, sometimes mocking at you, teasing you, hurting you, limiting you..

2. Next step is to go back in time and recollect some of the incidences that caused you to develop the limiting belief. Might be that parents or close family repeated these statements repeatedly at home and believed in it. When you were at an Impressionable age of 3 to 6yrs you absorbed what you saw, heard & tasted without filtering or judging it and on repeatedly hearing it, it gets imprinted in the subconscious mind. All of the disempowering beliefs reside here.

3. Third step is to access the subconscious mind which is very simple.  When brain waves are at Theta state -a state when your consciousness is blurred in drowsiness, or when you are slipping to meditative state with thought waves of 4 to 7 cycles per second with no negative emotions you are having access to subconscious mind.

4. At this stage with guided visualisation you got to bring alive all the disempowering beliefs and replace it with empowering beliefs that you wrote under each area of your life.

5.  Vividly visualise how you will feel when you achieve all your goals based on the new beliefs. Consistently visualise it for 21 days without doubting. Practice affirmations when doubt tries to sabotage your effort.

6. The last and important step is to be in the company of a trusted mentor/ friend who will support you in this endeavour.

Anchal Dua

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